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7 Countries That Could Disappear by 2115

07 Feb 2016


In an insecure world, countries can be at risk of disappearing completely, whether it be due to natural disaster, conflict or division. Yalla takes a look at seven countries most at risk of not making it through the next century:


7- The Netherlands

Sitting below sea level, the Netherlands are under continuous threat from the elements. In 1953 the northern European country was hit by extreme storms, resulting in floods up to 6 metres deep. With climate change causing an increase in storms and rising sea levels, a difficult future awaits the Dutch.


6- The United Kingdom

For many years the UK has enjoyed its historic Union, but recent events have suggested that the bonds between England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are straining. Scotland held a referendum on independence in 2014, with those voting against seceding winning by a small margin. In the 2015 UK General Election, the pro-independence Scottish National Party registered huge gains, putting the issue of independence once more front and centre. If other countries in the Union start thinking the same way, there may not be a Kingdom left to unite.


5- Canada

Divisions between the British and the French regions of Canada persist to this day. Following the Second World War separatist movements began to appear in the French-speaking region of Quebec. Despite many failed attempts, one wouldn’t bet against les Québécoises finally realising their wish.


4- Taiwan

Taiwan finds itself in a complicated position. Taiwan is the main island of the Republic of China, while the mainland in under the governance of the People’s Republic of China. Both governments claim sovereignty over the whole of China. Whether or not Taiwan can claim to be a full independent country is debatable, but chances are that within the next hundred years something dramatic might change.


3- South and North Korea

Some citizens of South and North Korea believe the two countries will be united sooner or later, although as South Korea has made significant advances in science and economy compared to its northern sister, reunification would be a bigger headache than that faced by East and West Germany in 1990. Despite this a united country remains the dream of many, and the official policy of Pyongyang and Seoul since the June 15th North-South Joint Declaration of 2000.


2- Palestine

Palestine has a seat in the United Nations despite many of the world’s major players not officially recognising its existence. Amongst factors that could lead to the disappearance of this country are its small size, weak economy, continuous war with Israel and the instability of some neighbouring countries.


1- South Sudan

Since it seceded from Sudan, South Sudan has suffered the kind of significant problems that could lead to its failure as a state. An inability to agree on oil prices with Sudan and civil conflict in 9 out of 10 provinces are the two headline reasons that it may not remain independent for 10 years, let alone 100.





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