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Enthusiast Dreams of Vintage Car Exhibition in Kirkuk

04 Jan 2016


Dana Ibrahim starts the engine of his car and drives to his garage where he repairs vintage cars.

“I had some life difficulties which stopped me from completing my studies, just like many other scientists – Edison, Bill Gates,” Says Ibrahim, 35. “What matters is not fearing adventure.”

Born in Kirkuk, Ibrahim is married with two daughters. He used to be a driver but now works in car wash. His ambition, however, is to become one of the greatest car-makers in Iraq

“Until now, I have made five cars and I am working on my sixth,” he says. “Three of those were racing cars. The first was made out of iron and wood.”

It all began in 2007, when he bought a Ford, fixed it up and sold it in Erbil. After that experience, he decided to dedicate himself to working on cars built before 1940.

“The first time I fixed up a car, the cost was $3,500,” he says. “For the second and third one, the amount was less. I always spend all my money on this. It’s my passion. At first I needed four months to complete them but now I need only 20 days to finish it.”

While some aspects of the process may get easier, he still faces many challenges, like finding a suitable garage in which to do the work. Other basic obstacles include a lack of assistants and partners, and an absence of training courses to develop his skills in the field.

A lot of the things he wishes to do need lots of money and he can’t currently afford it.

“I have a plan to make a special car designed for wedding ceremonies,” says Ibrahim. “I also have a dream to establish a race-track for old cars in Kirkuk. That will motivate the old car owners to repair their cars.”

One of his biggest hopes is that Kirkuk’s local government will display one of his cars in a public place in the city. It could inspire others to join him in the field, he feels, and if there were others for him to work with, he could achieve so much more.


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