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A washing machine the size of a mobile phone!

05 Jan 2016



A revolution in laundry: a washing machine that fits in your hand

An Indiegogo fundraising campaign has raised over four times the finance needed to put into production a device the size of a mobile phone that turns a simple wash basin into a washing machine. The company expects it to start shipping later in January.


The easy-to-use Dolfi Next Generation Washing Device is simply placed in a basin with dirty clothes and laundry detergent. Ultrasound waves penetrate deep into fabrics, according to the developers, resulting in a deeper, more gentle wash in just 40 minutes. It uses 80 times less energy than a conventional washing machine, if you don’t count the manual effort required to rinse and dry the clothes after using the silent Dolfi!


However, there have been delays in production in the German factory, and a copy cat device has appeared online, apparently manufactured in China. People that have supported the fundraising initiative are starting to get impatient for delivery, or at least updates, in the comments section of the Indiegogo page.

The Dolfi is for sale at $109 + shipping


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