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The Rapper Trying to Change the West’s View of Arabs

06 Jan 2016


Narsee – AKA Yassin Sulaiman – is an Iraqi hip-hop star. He lives in Montreal, Canada, and he’s a man with a purpose.

“I want to show Arabs and Muslims to the world in a positive light because too many look at them as terrorists,” he says.

How does he plan to achieve his goal? Read on!

1. Through hip-hop. Narsee’s music aims to give a truer reflection of Muslim and Arab personalities. His song Al-Hamdu L’Illa was featured in the latest Fast and Furious movie and he sings in English, looking to mix both cultures and religion with humour.

2. Through short films. Recently, Narsee has produced a short movie called Rise in which he says that spiritual achievements are more important than material ones.

3. Through writing: About Narsee’s book, Diatribe of a Dying Tribe, the electronic magazine Jadaliya said that people with dual identities should use it as a reference. Diatribe attracted the attention of many writers and readers who appreciated Narsee’s work, with Talib Kweli saying of it, “The book is fantastic. Now where can I get that fear of an Arab Planet?”

4. Through showing off sartorially. Narsee says “The most important thing in Hip Hop is the way you display. I like to mix cultures in my dress, because I was raised like that.”

A post shared by NARCY (@narcynarce) on

A post shared by NARCY (@narcynarce) on

A post shared by NARCY (@narcynarce) on

5. Through founding an artistic movement. Medium is an artistic movement that was founded by Narsee and his friends. Artists who form the movement share the skills in different projects. Last year, among their activities were two exhibitions and three festivals.

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