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10 Animals That Look Like Celebrities

20 Jan 2016


As the internet goes nuts for a cat that looks like Star Wars actor Adam Driver, Yalla presents a selection of humans who resemble creatures

1.    Adam Driver and the cat.

2.    With his orange skin, frog-like features, and inexplicable hair, there are hundreds of photos comparing Donald Trump to animals. We decided this ad for a Brazilian lifestyle magazine was the weirdest.

3.    Mr Bean and a monkey. Almost.

4.    Don’t hate us, but Angelina Jolie and the deer?

5.    Is Shrek an animal? Is Rooney Shrek?

6.    John Travolta and this dog. Amazing.

7.    The “Sheikh of Coaches” and this ugly monkey.

8.    Gareth Bale and this laughing chimp.

9.    The internet thinks Einstein looks like a million cats in a parallel universe.

10.  And finally, this animal looks like a dead animal.



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