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 لقطة من فيديو: هزائم داعش المتعددة ألهمت إنتاج لعبة فيديو ساخرة 

ISIL’s Multiple Defeats Inspire Video Game Parody

20 Jan 2016


ISIL’s Multiple Defeats Inspire Video Game Parody

Since taking control of a vast swathe of territory in Iraq and Syria, ISIL has been depicting itself as invincible and has systematically terrorised people in efforts to destroy morale and overrun territory without too much of a fight. 

But as their methods become clear, so their fragilities and weaknesses come under the spotlight. Multiple defeats in Iraq and Syria have disproven their claims to be an army from God that cannot be defeated. 

This recent video shows the naivety of ISIL tactics and how its fighters are killed one after another. The video was recorded by an ISIL militant, perhaps in the hope of creating a propaganda film. Unfortunately for the hapless cameraman, the opposite has happened. After defeat at the hands of the Peshmerga, the militant’s phone was discovered and video handed to the media. 

The video has been used by scores of Iraqis to poke fun at ISIL, with one of Yalla’s favourites being this one, given a video game style makeover to show how many lives they are losing on the battlefield. Unfortunately for these fighters, there is no re-spawning in real life.


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