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Kirkuk Inventor Transforms Body Heat Into Mobile Battery Life

26 Jan 2016


Mohammad Abdullah – Yalla – Kirkuk


“My first invention was an electronic hatchery when I was at secondary school, which I presented as a graduation project for students of the Agriculture Faculty. The hatchery is still being exhibited at the Faculty’s exhibitions in Kirkuk,” 23 year old Mustafa Abdul-Wahid told Yalla whilst distracted by his attempts to operate a robotic car that has sensors to prevent it from crashing.            


Mustafa’s dream of completing his education in electronic studies ended due to family pressures, but he was able to graduate from the Civil Department of the Engineering Faculty. However he maintained a passion to develop his interest in electronics and he developed more than 60 inventions, some of which were graduation projects while others were attempts to resolve some of the difficulties faced by people in daily life.


Mustafa explains, “I participated in TEDxBaghdad last year, presenting my phone battery recharger that works by using heat from the hand. I have been awarded a patent, but I am still waiting to receive the registration number from the Government. I wish to develop the invention so that the device operates independently and recharges itself.”


Mustafa has also won first prize in a competition, organised by the Scientific Welfare Department in Kirkuk, to create a measuring device without a tape measure, and is now a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), which counts Isaac Newton among its members. He has participated in six electronics exhibitions in Iraq and he was planning his first individual exhibition, but the appearance of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has delayed the event for the foreseeable future.


Mustafa goes on to explain his development as an inventor, “When I was doing my first year I immersed myself in my studies and I believed that my fate was to study Architectural Engineering. However during my second year I met Tariq Suwaidan and Ibrahim al-Faqi, who worked outside their field of studies with great ingenuity. This is when I started to study the curriculum for electronic engineering and other books, in addition to taking online courses and learning from video clips.”  


Mustafa identifies his main problems as being unable to apply for higher education scholarships because of the specialty he graduated in. On top of that, obtaining equipment that is prohibitively costly to be shipped to Iraq, and even when he can afford it, it may be confiscated by the Government at the airport.

Mustafa dreams of creating devices that make people’s lives easier and reduce the reliance on, and cost of, electricity. He hopes to be able to manufacture essential laboratory equipment in Iraq, equipment which is currently imported at great expense.


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