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Iraqi Passport Holders - Visit Three of the World’s Top Ten Travel Destinations

30 Jan 2016


Travelling the globe not as difficult as it might seem

It is not regarded as the best document for travelling the globe, but the Iraqi passport is perhaps not as bad as it seems. In a list of the top 100 destinations published by Euromonitor, holders of the most recent Iraqi passport can visit 6 of the 20 most popular cities without too much trouble.


Even though there are only five countries in the world that have no visa restrictions whatsoever for Iraqis, many others issue visas on arrival, or have easy-to-fulfill restrictions.


At number one on the destination list in Hong Kong, and the simplest way to visit China (the cities of Guangzhou and Shanghai are also in the top twenty) is to take a tour organised by a Chinese international tour operator. Although this type of visa is only good for a trip up to 6 days, it’s still a great way to experience one of the the world’s other great ancient civilisations.


Unsurprisingly, Istanbul is listed in the tope ten as well, and Iraqi’s can obtain a free visa on arrival in Turkey. Istanbul may be the country’s cultural jewel, but there is also lure of the beaches for the vast majority of Iraqis without access to the sea - the resort of Antalya also features in the top twenty.


Kuala Lumpar sneaks into the top ten, and Malaysia has been popular for a long time with Iraqis, both as a holiday destination but also for further education - and with no visa required, it’s as simple as can be to visit. Other countries without visa restrictions are neighbouring Micronesia, Ecuador, Haiti and Dominica - some more enticing than others, depending on your idea of a great holiday. Sri Lanka is also relatively easy to visit, so long as you have an onward or return ticket.


Of the top 100 destinations, Iraqis can visit eight without a visa, or visa on arrival, and a further twenty-two without too much trouble. In the top twenty, three are accessible without a visa (or on arrival), and seven with ease.


There are 19 countries, many in Africa, that provide a visa on arrival - the jungles of Laos may tempt some, or the stunning nature of Madagascar. All in all, having an Iraqi passport does not stop you seeing some of the most beautiful places on earth.


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